The makerspace at ýƵ provides access to hands-on tools and innovative equipment for the ýƵ community to enhance the creativity of their academic work.

Three students in the makerspace smiling and giving a thumbs-up while sitting or standing near one of the 3D printers.

Using the Makerspace

  • First: Watch the initial training videos, as well as the training videos for the piece of equipment you'd like to use, that are .
  • Second: Attend an open training session (listed on the Makerspace Guide each term), or emailmakerspace@lawrence.eduto set up a different time.
  • To have your access renewed from a previous school year, complete the .
Word makerspace embroidered into fabric next to the embroidery machine.

Reserving Makerspace Equipment

After training has been completed, students need to reserve time with the makerspace equipment when they wish to use it.

The makerspace guide is a helpful tool that includes instructions, tips, links to design programs and places to find 3D objects, policies, and more!

Woman holding a custom 3D printed accessible swivel spoon she made near a workspace full of tools.
Student holding a swivel spoon she designed and printed for her capstone project.
Group of three students assembling laser-cut wooden pieces in the makerspace.
Physics students assemble pieces they laser cut to create a laser harp.
Woman standing at a workspace in the makerspace using a Dremel sander to smooth a hole in an object she 3D printed.
Student sanding an object she 3D printed for her research project.

Learn ýƵ Fun Projects on the Makerspace Blog

  • Wed, 04/10/2024 - 11:31am
    Marcy Quiason of the Gender Studies program and Angela Vanden Elzen from the library and makerspace had the opportunity to present at the 2024 Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium conference. We discussed the how and why of including maker-based assignments into gender studies classrooms, followed by a workshop in which participants built out a maker […]
  • Wed, 12/07/2022 - 2:22pm
    We had the amazing opportunity to work with the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries for the second phase of the IMLS Maker Literacies project. For our part, three of our faculty at ýƵ who were interested in using the makerspace with their courses created maker assignments using UTA’s Maker Competencies. As an academic […]

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