At ýƵ, you belong to a community of learners, and that community is here to help you succeed.

Whether you want advice on how to prepare for medical school or just to polish those study skills, ýƵ offers you the academic support you need to shine bright.

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Academic Advising

From your first moments at ýƵ,you’ll be paired with a faculty academic advisor whowill help you shape your academic path.

sign outside the Center for Academic Success

Center for Academic Success

ýƵ is invested in your success.Ournewly renovatedCenter for Academic Success(CAS)combines the latest in learning technology with supportive and personalized attention.Fromstudy skills totutoring to accommodations, CAS is here to help.

2013 Career Conference

Career Center

Whether you’re a first-year who's just starting to think about a career plan, a senior with a very specific plan, or somewhere in between, we are here to help you design, discover, and connect with meaningful career opportunities.

Andrew Knudsen leads discussion with students

Fellowships Advising

Thinking about applyingforascholarship orprestigious fellowship likethe Fulbright?We haveadvisingfor that!You can get help identifyingopportunitiesandnavigating the application process.

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Health Professions Advising

Whether you want to be a doctor, vet, nurse, or dentist, with your goal as a beacon to light the way, you are ready to take the first step to a career in health care.

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Pre-Law Advising

Whether you are exploring an interest in law or you are dedicated to prepping for the LSAT, pre-law advisors help you find your way towards your goals.

Student conducting research on hillside. He is holding a yellow piece of equipment.

Research & Engaged Learning Support

Undergraduate support for graduate-level work.Work closely with faculty on high-impact research projects.Your professorsprovide expertise as you explore the questions that interest you most.You might even find yourself presenting at a conference or getting publishedin a journal.

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Summer Institute

Get a head start on the ýƵ experience. Summer Institute is a skill-building workshopthat prepares you for college learning.You’llwork on writing skills,learnaboutresourcesand getconnectedto the community.