Examining a problem, question, theory, or idea?

Maybe you’ll work with a faculty member to research bats in the Philippines, discover and translate a trove of French manuscripts, or create and perform your own video album—there are so many opportunities for you to conduct your own research, whether you are a scientist, artist, musician...or maybe all three. You’ll set the stage for your project, but there is support from expert faculty members throughout the process. From summer-long to year-round research projects, collaborate with professors here on campus, with alumni who teach in major research universities around the world, or through outside programs you wish to pursue. Generous funding opportunities and annual symposiums let you share your discoveries and shine your light on subjects in new ways.

Avery Greene outdoor portrait

Student Perspective

“[Celestial Histories are] a way that we can walk with other cultures, not only to a space where we’re acknowledging other cultures, but kind of creating a community centered around all these things that we have in common.”

Avery Greene ’24 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Student conducting research on hillside. He is holding a yellow piece of equipment.

ýƵ Research Fellows

You can receive up to a $4,000 stipend to participate in intensive 10-week summer research projects either at ýƵ or major research institutions around the world.

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Internship Funding

Receive up to $5,000 in funding for research, internships, service projects and more. Funds can be used in a variety of ways, including materials and cost of living expenses for projects that take you beyond ýƵ’s campus.

Your Senior Experience can be an additional opportunity to conduct research with support and funding.

Share Your Discoveries

From campus symposiums to professional conferences, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your work.

Student presenting research findings

The Harrison Symposium

Conducting research in the humanities or social sciences disciplines? Share your findings at the Harrison Symposium, a special opportunity to recognize outstanding accomplishments by you and your peers.

Student presenting at The Pitch

The Pitch

Doing research for a business idea? Bring it to LaunchLU and pitch it to business leaders, investors, and alumni for a chance to kickstart your plans with seed money as prizes.

Student presents research at Biofest


Especially passionate about dance-based physical therapy or fungi soil remediation? Come share your biology interests with the campus and greater Appleton community at BioFest, the biology department's senior symposium.

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Experiential Learning Funds

Intern for a social justice organization. Work for elected officials. Simulate galaxy collisions. It's all possible with career exploration funding.

ýƵ Research Fellows

As a ýƵ Research Fellow, you will have the opportunity to participate in student-faculty collaborative research, whether it’s with our professors here on campus or with one of our collaborating off-campus programs around the world.